Radar & Winny | Billings MT Pet Portrait Photographer

I’ve worked with Kendra for a few years now. You know when you meet someone, you can just TELL they are an animal lover? There are a few telltale giveaways. In my case, it’s usually a pair of black slacks covered in white fur (thanks, Gru). For Kendra, it’s an office covered in pictures of her two Corgis, Radar & Winny.

All of these were taken in one of my favorite session locations: a backyard!! It can be such a versatile location if you know how to work the angles and pick your settings, especially for small dogs and kids. Crop out fences (I always prefer to do this in camera, and with quick moving dogs you have to be pretty confident and comfortable with your framing) to give the illusion that you are in a larger space. You can do this by getting down on the ground and shooting parallel to the ground, or shooting downward at an extreme angle.


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