Angie & Taco | Billings MT Family Pet Portrait Photographer | Mini Session

You know that friendly woman who lives down the road? Sometimes you see her walking her dog or pulling out of her driveway as she waves a neighborly “hello!” — That’s Angie. We all have an Angie in our neighborhood and we’re better because of it. So I was elated when we scheduled a pet portrait mini session with her faithful Chihuahua, Taco Belle. (Ahem, adorable name, right?)


We found a private area tucked away near Angie’s home. With a scenic walking path and a shallow stream, I immediately knew the yellows and greens of this area would be a perfect backdrop for a warm, Spring session.

Chihuahuas are true, honest to goodness companion dogs. Yes, they were BRED for the sole purpose of being companions and they are good at it! Chihuahuas have huge hearts and are extremely loyal to their human family members.

Taco is no exception. Indeed, she is a shining example. Angie and Taco’s special bond became immediately apparent and came bursting through in their photos.

Thank you, Angie and Taco for a wonderful mini session!

If you are interested in booking a pet portrait session, or any other lifestyle portrait session, please click here!


3 thoughts on “Angie & Taco | Billings MT Family Pet Portrait Photographer | Mini Session

  1. Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures! I love the way you captured the Chihuahua personality! I truly appreciate your talent in getting both of us together — pictures to definitely treasure. 🙂

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