About Sonya

Hiring a photographer is a big decision! You’re inviting someone (probably a stranger) into your private life to document your nuances and emotions in a way that is usually reserved for your close friends and family.

Let me put you at ease. I want to tell your story in the most faithful and beautiful way I possibly can.

My style is candid and photo journalistic. That means that I strive to tell a photographic story through the use of emotion, expression, and light. I am there to document your moments as they unravel naturally, so that you can look back and remember them for the rest of your life.

I am a location photographer. That means all of my work is done outdoors, or on location. I do not work in studio.

Interested in discussing a project or portrait session? Click here to get started

There are a variety of ways to contact me. Email is best, and I promise to respond within 48 hours (unless I am vacationing in some remote location of the world with no internet, but that probably won’t happen). Give me a short description of what you’d like to achieve in your photo session.



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